Take a Risk – Make the Change

If unhappy with the development of a painting I’ll risk wrecking the entire picture with drastic alterations. Sometimes it pays off. Sometimes not…

In the instance of Poplar Treehouse I was disappointed in my choice of composition. I felt it was too symmetrical resulting in a dull appearance.

I sat on the picture for a while before deciding the only way forward was to make dramatic changes.

This was the result.

Which do you prefer?

Treehouse Change

Hipster Dave

Hipster Dave
Hipster Dave – Character Sketches

Had a lot of fun creating Hipster Dave – the gruff cafe owner – for Little Paws.

Hipster Dave – Final Art

He went through a variety of clothes but always maintained that epic beard.

Sadly he only appeared once in the series.

Perhaps one day he’ll have a series of his own…

Little Paws 2

New Release! Little Paws Series (Penguin Random House)

Little Paws release 01Yesterday was the official launch of a new series I illustrated for Penguin-Random House – Little Paws.

Each book has a standalone story featuring Guide Dog’s Australia puppies.

Little Paws 3

These books aren’t just a great read – thanks to the amazing Jess Black (author of the Bindi Irwin’s Wildlife Adventure Series) – they’re raising awareness of the hosting a Guide Dog puppy until they’re old enough to be trained.

It was a joy to illustrate these books. Make sure you head to your nearest store to grab a copy and, in doing so, support Guide Dogs Australia.



Victoria Illustration Tour

Into my second week touring Victoria – presenting at schools and centres.

It’s been a chance to not only engage with a new audience but visit some of the splendid
sites Victoria have to offer. Noticeably the Great Ocean Road and country towns surrounding Belgrave.2017 03 16 Wheeler Kids - Gabriel Evans (1 of 4) - Copy.jpg

The only downside of the tour has been tackling with the traffic systems in Melbourne and avoiding collisions with trams!