Gabriel is an Australian children’s book illustrator and author.

I grew up wanting to be a train driver (for the hat), a circus master (for the moustache) or a children’s book illustrator. photo-of-gabriel-evans-as-a-little-boy

In my teens I pursued illustration, drawing cartoons for a newspaper and picking up my first book contract with an indie publisher aged seventeen.

I started my relationship with Walker Books in 2013 with Annie’s Snails. My fourth book with them, Ollie and Augustus, is released in September 2019.

Other publishers I’ve worked with include Scholastic Australia, Penguin-Random House, The Five Mile Press and, most recently, Simon & Schuster.

I travel around Australia presenting illustration workshops and talks in schools and libraries.

I call this my job.


Profile Photo of Gabriel Evans

1) I love growing oak trees – I’ve planted over fifteen varieties on my hill.
2) I have a crazy Border Collie dog. She chases birds in trees.
3) My studio is so messy I use acrobatic methods including jumping, skipping and swinging to reach my desk.
4) I once built a boat from an old kitchen sink. Its maiden voyage lasted five glorious minutes before the plug exploded. Like a good captain I went down with my ship.
5) I have a large collection of woolly beanies, but most of them are lost. I suspect they were eaten by a fiercely-hungry-beanie-eating monster.
6) My favourite chicken is a frizzle.