I give children’s workshops, talks and presentations focusing on picture book illustration.
I visit schools, libraries and educational institutions across Australia.
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Children’s workshops are energetic, creative and informative. Students participate in a range of illustration activities and gain insight into key visual literacy tools.
Workshop activities include character design, creating illustrations and interpreting text visually.
Demonstrations, visual examples and Q&A.
For further information download the Children’s Workshop and Talk informaton sheet here.

Children’s talks are informative and entertaining insights into the systems of a practising illustrator and author.
Explore the process of illustrating, creating characters, aspects of visual literacy and my journey into the world of illustration.
For further information download the Children’s Talks and Workshop information sheet can be downloaded here.

An information sheet for children’s workshops and talks can be downloaded below.

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Western Australia (WA)
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Australia (excluding Western Australia) and New Zealand
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My public appearance fees are based on the rates set by the Australian Society of Authors. Download the information pack here or contact me for a quote.


The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas (VIC) His presentation was polished and he got through everything he wanted in the hour. Giving a publisher pitch to the kids was a great idea – it got them drawing, and gave a real (simplified) idea of what it’s like to work as an illustrator – the rejections, the processes, some tips and tricks, some of the lingo. He gave them deadlines (one or two minutes) and got them to add settings and backgrounds.

The Scots School, Albury (NSW) Just want to tell you how much the 139 students kindergarten to year 6 enjoyed Gabriel’s talk! They were enthusiastic and listened and learnt and became motivated to illustrate. One hour was a great length of time and it had drawing, talking, movement and imagination involved in the presentation. Thanks heaps! Hopefully we’ll get some illustrators out of his visit.

Margaret River Primary School (WA) With over 260 students, ranging from years 1 – 4, Gabriel expertly explained to the students his craft. He presented at a level that all the students could understand and they were all keen to listen intently.

Wynyard High School (Tasmania) On Monday 23 October 2017, 60 Visual Art students from across the Grades had the opportunity to participate in a workshop conducted by a children’s book illustrator Gabriel Evans… Gabriel passed on his vast knowledge and professional experience to students through interactive activities that focused on the process of designing a character, the tools in creating a page spread, portraying the emotional body language of characters and training the eye in composition. Gabriel’s presentation methods were engaging, motivational and inspirational.

 Town of Cambridge Library, Perth (WA) Gabriel tailored each session to the age groups really well and was able to link in the bookmark competition for the Premier Summer Reading Challenge on the day.

What the children had to say…

Zac (Derby Primary School) I liked that we got to make our own book carver. The hardis bit was droring the pirate but the best part was we got to met an illartraet.
Sienna (Derby Primary School) We was drawing pitches of pirates. I had so much fun at the Derby libery Gabriel Evans is the best drawa’
Carys (Derby Primary School) …he taught us how to draw detailed pictures it was awesome….Gabriel Evens is a realy nice person he will follow his dreams.

Children's workshops and talks on illustration