Norton and the Borrowing Bear by Gabriel Evans.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a friend living right next door to you?  Well, as Norton discovers, it can certainly pose some challenges when that friend wants to borrow all of your favourite things.

A companion title to the shortlisted CBCA Picture Book of the Year, Norton and the Bear. The illustrations were made using watercolour, gouache and pencil. Released 29 September 2021.

Released 29 September 2021. Pre-order from Australian booksellers.

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“Gabriel Evans is fast becoming one of the most consistently delightful Australian picture book creators of recent years.
With each release he adds to his oeuvre with such apparent ease, you wonder if he hasn’t been making picture books for his entire life.
Norton and the Borrowing Bear is yet another example of the writer and artist’s superb work.”

Publisher: Berbay Books
ISBN: 9780645069655
Format: Hardback
Australian RRP: $25.99