Ollie is small – like a pickling jar or a shoebox.
Augustus is big – like a fridge or a table.

They did most things together, including cycling, painting, dressing up, digging (Ollie’s favourite thing) and stick collecting (Augustus’s favourite thing). But Ollie is about to start school, and he has one major concern: who will keep Augustus company? He decides to search for a playmate for his enormous companion, but good friends are hard to find.

A funny, heartwarming story about Ollie’s determination to make sure his big dog, Augustus, is okay when he’s at school.

“An endearing, visually rib-tickling ode to best friends.”
Kirkus Review (click for full review)

Booklist – American Library Association (Click for full review)
“This gentle account of separation anxiety and companionship is a nice tonic for first-day-of-school nerves.”

Books + Publishing (click for full review)
“It’s an utterly lovely story with hints of humour that prevent sentimentalism. Gabriel Evans’ illustrations are so pleasing – recalling, in the best way, illustrators such as Emily Gravett and Peter H Reynolds.” 4.5 stars.

Kids’ Book Review (click for full review) 2019
“…Gabriel’s accomplished balance between words and pictures highlights the true magic that can be created in a picture book. Highly recommended.”

Glam Adelaide (click for full review)
“He is able to make his characters appealing and have heart. We can feel the emotions they are going through just by the looks and actions of the two main characters. The illustrations are also full of humour.”

The Bottom Shelf (click for full review)
“…“big school” is on the horizon for many of our littlest readers, with all the anxieties that that prospect brings. There will be many Ollies among them who will worry that their treasured pets will be lonely and not being toys, they have to be left at home. So this is a timely story for them to reassure them that all will be fine and at least one concern can be alleviated. Perfect for sharing with preschoolers about to take the next big step in their growing-up adventure.”

Writing WA (click for full review)
“This delightful tale emphasises the importance of being happy in your own company and recognises that it’s OK to be different.”

ISBN: 9781760650711
Publisher: Walker Books Australia / Candlewick Press (USA) / Gads Forlag (Dutch)
Format: Hardback
Australian RRP: $26.99
USA RRP: $16.99