I started creating art videos as a way to demonstrate my methods of illustrating.

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Speed Painting – Treehouse
Treehouses are awesome – no argument there! I absolutely love drawing them. They’re something I’ll randomly create while lounging in a cafe or bar.
I decided to record the process and share it in this art video. Enjoy.

How to Draw a Balloon House
Ever had an inkling to draw a balloon house? Okay, that’s a relatively specific interest, right? However, I happen to enjoy creating these fantasy homes and decided to share my procedure by creating a simple one.

Drawing Wombats
After meeting a wombat at a school during my NSW author tour I decided to try drawing these characters.

Painting Chickens
After taking over a magazine series featuring chickens I decided to demonstrate my process for illustrating some of the characters in this art video.

Sketchbook Art
This painting demonstration leans towards my ‘serious’ style of art. In this art video I show that sketchbooks are more than capable to withstand copious layers of paint.

Drawing an Owl
Seriously, how fun is it to draw an owl! They are such expressive characters. Here I take you through the steps to create this character.

Painting a Mouse
I’ve illustrated three picture books focusing on mice. Here I demonstrate my process for drawing and painting a mouse.

How to Draw a Big Cat
This cat character was created for a magazine article. I had a lot of fun creating him and wanted to share the step-by-step process to draw him.

Treehouse Drawing
My first video showing a real time process for drawing a treehouse.