Blue Flower

I wake up in the morning and I don’t want to go to school. Other kids like school, or at least don’t mind it much. But I never want to go to school.

A gentle exploration of a child’s realisation that it is her individual differences and creativity that make her special. A beautifully told story from one of Australia’s finest writers, Sony Hartnett.

Blue Flower is my first collaboration with award winning author, Sonya Hartnett and released with Penguin Australia. The illustrations were created in watercolour and pencil with highlights in gouache.

Sydney Morning Herald
“The multi-award-winning author draws on powerful feelings that will resonate with young readers, all skilfully conveyed by Gabriel Evans’ emotionally charged illustrations that capture the complex inner life of a child learning to celebrate everything that makes her unique.”

“Blue Flower is a gift to those children who feel different: the quiet, thoughtful children who yearn to understand themselves and the world around them, and chafe against the established structures of a daily school routine. It is a magical accomplishment from one of our finest writers, and highly recommended for ages 4+.”

“Highly recommended. A beautifully illustrated story which will resonate with both adults and children alike.”

Buzz Words
“The gentle black pencil, water-coloured illustrations of children are worth poring over: the face and body of every child in the playground and in the classroom are expressive and distinctive. Evans is known internationally for his illustrations and is the right fit for Hartnett’s book.”

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Publisher: Penguin Australia (Puffin)
ISBN: 9781760894450
Format: Hardback
Australian RRP: $24.99