Cover - Roses are Blu


Walker Books Australia

By Sally Murphy

Illustrated by Gabriel Evans

Available in all good bookshops

“I have not got used to my new mum, even though I love her (I absolutely love her), I miss my happy, painting, dancing, gardening, smiling mum.”

Amber Rose and her family are dealing with tragedy and change. But sometimes hope blooms.

Award-winning author Sally Murphy gives readers a heart-breaking glimpse of an average family dealing with tragedy and change while Gabriel Evans lends a soft touch with his gorgeous illustrations.

“Murphy’s text, set out as poetry, is simple and heartfelt.  Evans’s pencil illustrations are delicate, setting the scene for a small girl to express her worries, and a mother and her carer to retain their dignity in a difficult situation.” – Children’s Book Council of Australia

“This special story is about the hidden plight of many children whose parents or siblings have changed dramatically after a serious accident.” Five star rating. – Good Reading Magazine Australia

Roses are Blue Teacher Notes

ISBN: 9781922244376
Binding: Paperback
Australian RRP: $16.95


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