“I have not got used to my new mum, even though I love her (I absolutely love her), I miss my happy, painting, dancing, gardening, smiling mum.” – Roses are Blue (Walker Books)

Amber Rose and her family are dealing with tragedy and change. But sometimes hope blooms.

Award-winning author Sally Murphy gives readers a heart-breaking glimpse of an average family dealing with tragedy and change while Gabriel Evans lends a soft touch with his gorgeous illustrations.

Roses are Blue was illustrated using ink, pencil and watercolour. Discover the sketches and preliminary drawings below.

Children’s Book Council of Australia Murphy’s text, set out as poetry, is simple and heartfelt.  Evans’s pencil
Cover artwork for Roses are Blue illustrations are delicate, setting the scene for a small girl to express her worries, and a mother and her carer to retain their dignity in a difficult situation.

Good Reading Magazine Australia – This special story is about the hidden plight of many children whose parents or siblings have changed dramatically after a serious accident.” Five star rating.

International Board of Books (IBBY)  The short lines of verse, along with Amber’s clear-eyed observations about herself and others, make this book accessible to readers who are interested in stories with serious content but who may not be quite ready to tackle full-length novels…. The soft, watercolour and ink illustrations capture the mood of quiet hope that binds family members together in spite of the adversity they have encountered. At the same time, the illustrator does not shy away from depicting the full extent of the physical changes and limitations that Amber’s mother must cope with.

Teacher Notes

Title: Roses are Blue

Binding: Paperback
Australian RRP: $16.95