Bridgetown Book Launch – Captain Sneer

Thanks to everyone that turned out for my Bridgetown book launch of Captain Sneer.

It was a fantastic evening chatting to friends andimg_2347 meeting new people from around the South West.

What really impressed me was the astonishing amount of food my Mum and sister were able to produce towards the night. It took me half a day to make one batch of cheese straws while they produce copious amounts of delicious finger foods on the morning of the launch. Wow guys!

Two families of pirates turned up that I had to snaffle photos with. The youngest pirate
img_2370had the best ‘pirate sneer’ expression but unfortunately we didn’t capture it on camera.

I had an original pirate artwork as a door prize that was won by the Donnybrook-Bridgetown Mail journalist, Lee, who does such an amazing job covering these events.

After the piratey presentation that covered the progress of creating Captain Sneer the evening drew to a close.

A special thanks goes to my Dad, for being official photographer for the night, my brother, Jacob, for being the swanky barman and to my sister, Esther, for making some after launch goodies.

Also, a special thanks to the library staff and to Karen from the Manjimup-Bridgetown Times for writing up a super-duper article prior to the book launch.

Next launch, the State Library of WA, October 27th!







Captain Sneer Touring the West

I’m in the middle of painting a limited number of life-sized (and slightly smaller) Captain Sneer cutouts to be showcased in bookshops and libraries from Albany to Perth.

The first Sneer is already on his way to Albany where his final destination will be the display window at Paperbark Bookshop.

Before he left my dog, Lacie, and I had a quick photoshoot with the ol’ fella.

Singapore’s AFCC Conference 2016

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in

Sketchbook cliff house.jpg
Sketchbook extract

Singapore, courtesy of writingWA who sponsored my trip.

This was an opportunity to not only present and share my beliefs in illustrating but absorb a slice of book culture in Asia.

I also managed to catch up on some sketching during my flights including this cliff sketch.

Duelling illustrators action shot! (Photo by the AFCC)

My first session was a rigorous round of Duelling Illustrators with the talented Soefara Jafney. This game sees two artists simultaneously
illustrating a book read by – in this instance – author, Julia Lawrence. It was extremely fast paced and I may have broken a sweat…


Following the session I enjoyed signing and giving away the drawings to children that had watched the bloodthirsty battle.

Signing dragon art. (Photo by the AFCC)


I was privileged to review portfolios to several illustrators during the conference. It was a fascinating process to see how each illustrator gets their inspiration and issues they have to deal with, everything from cultural barriers to mould growing on their artwork due to the climate.

My main presentation was on a topic I find fascinating, stealing from masters. Learning and adapting methods and systems from other artists to potentially use

Portfolio reviews. (Photo by the AFCC)

them in your own work. This classic quote sums it up; ‘standing on the shoulders of giants‘.

I presented this to a full room with standing space only.


Overall, the conference was an enjoyable success and I enjoyed hanging out with some WA talent including illustrator/authors Kyle Hugh Hodson, Chris Nixon, Kylie Howarth, Julia Lawrence, Jen Barnyard, Perth Writer’s Festival‘s Maria Alessandrino and Fremantle Press‘ Claire Miller.

Lunch and chill with my presentation moderator and fellow illustrator, Ace Kong. (Photo by Mrs Kong)
Presentation in full swing. (Photo by Samidha Gunjal)





The WA creative team. (Photo by AFCC)
Holding a cute little sketch of me! Standing next to the talented artist of the drawing, Melissa Tan (who prefers to not be photographed). (Photo by AFCC)
Alyssa was one of the many powerhouse organisers for the AFCC. Also a talented artist in her own right. (Photo by AFCC)

My First Post!

It’s high time I started blogging again.

If you followed my previous blog at gabrielevans.blogspot then thanks heaps for heading over here.

I’ll be sharing updates, activities, downloadable colouring in sheets, and step-by-step processes for creating art.

This year will be a busy one with the release of a new book with Walker in September, workshops around WA and Singapore, showcasing artwork at festivals and growing trees on my little 2.4 acre plot.

Stayed tuned and smiling 🙂