The Cute Penguin

Once there was a drawing of a penguin.
It was the cutest penguin ever.
The penguin knew he was cute …
And he didn’t like it one bit.  

 The penguin doesn’t just want to be cute – he wants to look like a REAL penguin. 
But is there anything a drawing can do to change what they are?  
Follow this penguin’s hilarious journey as he searches for a way to become less cute – giving all the other cute animal drawings in the sketchbook a stern talking to along the way.

This is my first picture book with Hardie Grant Egmont. I created the illustrations for The Cute Penguin in watercolour, gouache and pencil.

Released in the USA September 2021. Pre-order from US booksellers

Publisher: Little Hare/Hardie Grant Egmont
ISBN: 9781760506322
Format: Hardback
Australian RRP: $19.99
Rights sold: Korea

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