“Annie loves snails. There are hundreds of them in her garden, but they like to hide.” – Annie’s Snails (Walker Books)

Annie loves her pet snails. They have lots of adventures together. She even makes them a special home in an ice-cream container. She thinks they’ll be very happy. But will they?

Walker Stories support beginner readers making the transition from picture books in an engaging, entertaining and accessible way. Each title features three highly illustrated, individual short stories linked by one character, so readers can build familiarity and confidence.

Annie’s Snails was illustrated using ink, pencil and watercolour. Discover the sketches and preliminary drawings below.

Buzzwords –  The delightful black and white illustrations reflect Annie’s dilemma beautifully alongside the sorrow and acceptance of her final decision.

Lamont Books  – Full of fun family adventures and with the charming and inquisitive Annie as the main character, this novel will best suit girl readers 6 and up.

Creative Kids Tales – With sweet black and white illustrations throughout the book, ‘Annie’s Snails’ is an engaging, gentle and heartwarming story of compassion and responsibility, with a touch of suspense and adventure.

Teachers’ Notes

Title: Annie’s Snails

Binding: Paperback
Australian RRP: $11.95