“Late at night, the mice set to work. After the final shoe was finished, the mice swept the bench and scuttled off to bed.”
– The Mice and the Shoemaker (The Five Mile Press)

The Woodland Whiskers’ house is flooded and it looks like being the worst Christmas ever.
Luckily they can move in with Grandpa Squeak, beneath the floorboards of a shoemaker’s store.
As payment for their free board, the little mice help the kindly shoemaker by secretly creating the finest shoes in all the land. But what will happen when he discovers the truth?

The Mice and the Shoemaker was illustrated using watercolour, gouache and inks. Discover the sketches and preliminary drawings below.

The Children’s Book Council of Australia – The book itself charmingly captures the feel of an older version of such a text both in the style of illustration, the colours used and the design of the setting, while the popup structure of it will enable young fingers to interact with the story as it is read to them. Suitable for young children 3-7 years.

Kids’ Book Review – An absolute gem of a book, its fold-out and pop-up images will delight every reader regardless of age. The exquisite detailed art work is a collector’s treasure. This production, and I use the word purposely to define what has been created here, is a visual feast.

Mums Delivery – The Mice and the Shoemaker is a wonderful Christmas pop up Children’s book for young children and i enjoyed reading it for my kids. My kids loved all the colourful illustrations and the pop-ups on every page. Every time we read the book, the kids explored the pop-ups with the same excitement and curiosity. The whole story is very engaging and they loved the happy ending as well. Every single time I finished reading the book ,the kids wanted me to read it again for them. Its a fun, engaging and very entertaining book.

Title: The Mice and the Shoemaker
ISBN: 9781760064273
Imprint: The Five Mile Press/Bonnier
Binding: Board Book
Australian RRP: Out of stock

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