The Mice and the Shoemaker Cover


The Five Mile Press/Bonnier Publisher

By Gabriel Evans

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The Woodland Whiskers’ house is flooded and it looks like being the worst Christmas ever.
Luckily they can move in with Grandpa Squeak, beneath the floorboards of a shoemaker’s store.
As payment for their free board, the little mice help the kindly shoemaker by secretly creating the finest shoes in all the land. But what will happen when he discovers the truth?

  • A traditional Christmas tale retold which explores the idea of giving.
  • Pop-ups and lift-the-flaps Mouse 4throughout the book engage the reader with the story.
  • Detailed artwork that young readers will come back to again and again
ISBN: 9781760064273Mice and the Shoemaker extract
Imprint: The Five Mile Press/Bonnier
Binding: Board Book
Australian RRP: $29.95

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