“The table was set, today was the day!
In a dainty pink dress danced Annabelle Mae…” – A Perfectly Posh Pink Afternoon Tea (Scholastic)

Annabelle Mae and her friends are set to have the most delightfully posh afternoon tea. But when the no-good Darcy and Dean get up to mischief, Annabelle doesn’t let them spoil the fun!

I teamed up with Coral Vass and Scholastic Australia to create this rhyming book. Discover sketches and final artwork from the book below.

Kid’s Book ReviewThis picture book has it all. Perfect rhythm and rhyme, truly beautiful illustrations, a relatable and fun story for kids and an invisible and fantastic message that your gender doesn’t define how you should play or the things you should enjoy.

Aussie Reviews – With text in rhyme which scans well and is a pleasure to read aloud, a story with a lovely, non-preachy message, and joyful illustrations, A Perfectly Posh Pink Afternoon Tea is a cute picture book for younger readers.

Cover Perfectly Posh Pink Afternoon Tea Coral Vass and Gabriel Evans (Scholastic)

Bug in a Book – Just when you think this book, about an afternoon tea party, is going to reinforce gender stereotypes the tables are turned.The girls throw themselves into the mud and the boys enjoy the elegant cakes and tea. It’s a great story and it rhymes too.

Title: A Perfectly Posh Pink Afternoon Tea
ISBN: 9781743811689

Publisher: Scholastic Australia
Format: Paperback
RRP: $AUD15.99