“I’m Captain Sneer, the buccaneer. My crew salute when I pass near.  I’m rough & tough, I’m brave & bold. I sail the seas for gold, gold, GOLD…!” – Captain Sneer the Buccaneer (Walker Books)

Captain Sneer is a rollicking rhyming story tells the tale of a boastful pirate who thinks he is the roughest and toughest, but, his crew know otherwise!
Filled with plenty of piratey action and much slapstick fun.

Captain Sneer the Buccaneer was illustrated using watercolour, gouache, inks charcoal and pencil. Discover the sketches and preliminary drawings below.

Kids’ Book Review – The rhyming text is fun and has a pleasing rhythm that makes it perfect to read aloud, and the twist at the end will have young readers giggling. The illustrations by West Australian illustrator Gabriel Evans complement the text perfectly.

Buzz Words – This comical tale by Penny Morrison is packed with action which will delight young readers and leave them wanting more. The illustrations by Gabriel Evans are fantastic and the exquisite colour palette brings the images to life. Captain Sneer the Buccaneer is a creative, humorous, and entertaining tale that children and adults will enjoy. It will appeal to both boys and girls and will soon become a family favourite.

Children’s Book Council – The illustrations are a combination of pencil, watercolour and gouache and invoke the wildness of the open waters – the wind, spray and the weather.  They also tell their own tale; one that’s entirely different to what the Captain would have you believe. The more you explore the pictures, the more you find. The illustrations show us Captain’s Sneer’s brave demeanour is all an act. Though technically in charge, he is the most clueless of all. The hardworking crew is tolerant and loyal towards their boastful captain.

Title: Captain Sneer the Buccaneer
ISBN 9781922179609
Publisher: Walker Books Australia
Binding: Hardcover
RRP: Out of stock